Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cheers to Admin at Renderosity

Full marks are being awarded to Admin at Renderosity for very smooth handling of a problem in the ordering system. I had a weird experience with the shopping cart (which is something that can happen anywhere, anytime). No difficulty picking out several items (a model; a texture set; a brush set) and putting them in the cart, but come checkout time, the cart emptied itself out. Hmmm, I thought, this is odd. So I went around and scouted up all the items and put them back in the cart, and checked out again. The order seemed to go through okay the second time around, but though the PayPal went through cleanly, the computer had emptied the cart halfway through the process, so it actually clocked up what they call an "empty order." Basically, this means the transaction shows, your account is paid up, and/but there are no download links for your goodies, because the system has no idea what you ordered! Very strange ... and oddly enough, I had the same thing happen at another online store, ordering vitamins and herbs, just a few weeks ago.

Gremlins in the system, right? Right. However, Admin was able to straighted the whole thing out at their end, as soon as they caught up with my email about it, so I now have all my goodies, and am very happy with all.

So today you're seeing one of the great brick wall textures that were on hiatus for a little while in that "empty order." Plus a couple of props from Powerage, jeans by Billy-T actually for M3, but they fit M4 too), plus the Akaste hair, and the skinmap is GA Matthias... Four lights on the scene, and raytracing turned on. Little bit of post work done in GIMP afterward -- just the weedy grasses, which were done with an .abr brush.

Tomorrow, if I'm still alive, I'm going to play with the new model -- a science fiction set that will go great as an observation deck on a spacecraft. I thought, how about put Cousin Randy on the ship, before he comes "groundside," as Mel Keegan says, to make like interesting for Cousin Adam?

If I'm still alive! The Kreeping Krudd has turned to pleurisy, which for me it does every second or third winter, almost without fail. Have been lucky for a couple of years, and this was way past due, so ... not complaining, just wheezing, gasping, and generally looking like I've had one too many Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters. (Yeah, just watched Hitch Hikers' Guide on dvd -- the original BBC series, not the movie; and you would be amazed how surreal it all is, when you're running a fever!)

Jade, 15 May
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