Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hellgate musings ... meet Tonio Teniko

As you know, Hellgate is very much on my mind right now because we're prepping the fifth book of the series for publication at this time. So I couldn't resist getting back into rendering scenes from across the whole massive story -- here's the story's resident hunk Neil Travers, on Cimarosa, which you saw at the start of the first book. My goodness, that was a loooong time ago.

I'm still designing a number of the characters (Harrison Shapiro for one), but here is a face which has just won the Mel Keegan stamp of excellence...

It could only be Tonio Teniko! The character had to have a physical beauty that was enough to knock a guy like Richard Vaurien flat ... he's also a tortured character with a nasty past of being abused while doing conscripted service in Fleet. If you know the story, you know how Barb Jazinsky took him out of an institution on Velcastra, because not only is he so beautiful, there ought to be a law against it, he's also brilliant. (Also as prickly as a cactus, but that's a whole 'nother story!) I got MK's response on this character design just yesterday, so here he is -- meet Tonio at last!

And lastly for today, a look at the Marines armor:

This one isn't my design ... it's the Sedition Solder armor from a designer whose name escapes me at the moment. Just go to DAZ and search on it, you'll find it! This design is not really all that close to the description of the Marines armor in the books, but there is no chance -- none at all -- of me learning the 3D software to actually create the armor, this side of 2015, so we've decided on a compromise.

This design as a real "bad ass" appearance, and it'll more than do to represent the armor you read about in the books...

More tomorrow! Must go now: dinner is hitting the table!

Jade, June 25
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