Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bit of this, bit of that -- and a neat SF plot

Quite a grabbag of images today ... actually, things I did the other day and one or two finished off today, because (!) the Kreeping Krud has hit me in its gastric form, and I really, seriously, honestly, feel like I'd be better off if someone just shot me!

Part of my imagination wants to see the whole suite of images, above, as part of the same story. Something about a "first contact" encounter ... but an accidental one, where the crew of this vessel, which is on a survey mission, run into a more primitive culture. Try this one on for size:

Magic works on this planet, which dazzles the crew of the starship -- at least till their science office figures out that the magic is down to a lodestone which could be mined there, if a trade agreement was signed! But the primitives have an oracle, or a Seer, who can glimpse the future, and she sees a time when industry has wrecked the planet, darkened the sky, mucked up the rivers and oceans, and she counsels the Duke to say, "No!" Which of course aggravates the crew of the starship, who try to cheat the local indigenous population ... and it blows up into a war: magic against technology, lightning staffs against laser pistols. Coooool story, that.

Michael 4 is wearing the Yannis skinmap and face morphs, and the Rock Star hair. The costume is the shirt and pants from Powerage's Supreme Armor, and the Journeyer Scout boots. The sky is an old Bryce sky I did about a year ago. The castle is one of the standing props from the Castle Creator set -- I put an atmospheric layer in front of it, so it looks like it's a bit misted with disance -- that was done in DAZ, not as digital post work. The render of the castle on the river has some overainting with Ron's Birds, and the moon also added as an .abr brush object. The starship is the Allied Fleets Frigate, set against a processed backdrop ceated from a Hubble space telescope picture to which has been added some light effects, as a "merge mode" overlay. Just backdrops -- not the planetarium.

Gotta go now. Gotta lie down, or find the cyanide, mix it with the 2oz of tequila, add a dash of deadly nightshade, stir in 2.5 jiggers of belladonna, drop of two of strychnine, couple of cubes of rat baits (diced, tossed i confectioner's sugar), little dab of Blitzem! anti-slug formula. Blend for one minute on medium, add two ice cubes and a couple of olives, and serve with a slice of lemon, optional salt on the rim of the glass.

Right now, I could go for that...

Jade, 11 June
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