Monday, July 25, 2011

The archangel and the vampire. Say, what now?

As promised ... Michael 4 wearing the Icarus Wings -- and not much else! Actually, this is a whole new character, and I rather like it. I wanted to create a face that looked like it belonged with the wings -- an archangel, perhaps. Alien, with the potential to be very dangerous, and at the same time delicate and sensitive. It's no mean feat, when you get right down to it!

The skinmap is Samson, but there, everything else changes. The face and body morph were custom designed about an hour ago. The hair is the Yannis Rasta dreads set to blond. The costume is the loin cloth from The Wood God (new texture and displacement mapping) and the shins and forearm pieces from Powerage's Supreme Armor (with all the textures changes, once again). Then, the Icarus Wings -- new textures and displacement mapping. The prop in the background is DM's new one, The Clock, and that's just a backdrop photograph, though it's been heavily enhanced over the original sunset shot...

Want more? Try this:

I went back to the Nocturne project which had been thoroughly stuffed up by the fact DAZ had been telling me it was saving, while at the same time not saving my backups! Has anyone every had the program do this?? I've never seen that bug -- also, it'd be a bit late to go yapping to the company about it, because I still haven't upgraded to DAZ Studio 4! Am still using 3.2, because time hadn't permitted me the luxury of getting the new one, so telling them about bugs in an obsolete version would be a bit silly.

Note to self: get the new version download!

And here's the Nocturne cover all painted up and finished:

Nice. I'm happy with this. It freshens up the cover without losing the original version, which you see here repainted and used as he backdrop. Then the deliciously "tortured" Michael Flynn character was posed in front of it with fascinating lighting, and rendered (raytraced), before the render was shipped back into Photoshop for more overpainting. Reduced to 150 pixels high, it looks great, so I'm very happy with this...

Thanks to all for bearing with me. About four of you are waiting on emails from me! I was sick again over the weekend (understatement), and I'm working very hard on getting a monster stack of documents converted to the epub format. It sounds easy on the face of it, but it takes more time than you'd think. By the time I'm done, I'll have invested about 50 hours in the conversions, and when you remember that I had to winkle the time out of the working week(s) -- well, no wonder it took a few weeks to get it all done. Am just about caught up with myself now, though, so if you're waiting for personal emails from me, I'll be there soon! Thanks to all for your forbearance!

Jade, 25 July
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