Monday, July 18, 2011

Mister Mystery ... or, CG beefcake gets the artistic treatment

Mister Mystery? Well, put it like this: here was a physique in search of a face, until I'd given up on it, gone away in a huff, made tea, come back and decided to take another go at him! The physique worked brilliantly, first time, but the face looked like ... a thug. Seriously. Everything I did with him made him look more like a mass murderer, so I'd more than halfway decided to set one light and stand him in the shadows, make the most of the fantastic physique and just not even get into the subject of his face --! In the end, I wound up with something very different and pretty effective. You know, he reminds me of someone. Now, who is it?

The skinmap is JM Chase, with the tattoo option turned on. The hair is the Akasta Hair set to a kind of dark blond. The denims are the pants from the Cold Life costume set. The physique and face ... all mine, like the background abstract, which was paited in Photoshop, like all the arty-overpainting effects. These renders were actually raytraced, and they use ONE light. Just one.

Sorry for being brief again. Just not feeling up to verbosity just get, though I think it's possible I might be starting to show the hint of a suggestion of getting better...!

Back soon with a tad bit more coherence...

Jade, 19 July
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