Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The hero again ... this guy reminds me of someone!

Eye candy, guys ... too tired to write much today. You know the feeling -- have been staring at the screen so long, my eyeballs feel fried! These were rendering away to themselves in the background, so -- enjoy! I uploaded them at large size, and they're well worth a look.

This character has been reminding me so much of someone, and it just dawned on me. I'm getting slow ... too much work, I think. Do you remember one of the heroes in The Lords of Harbendane -- the big, dark one with the dreadlocks and the muscles in places where most guys don't even have places?! Yeah, Rogan Dahl! Dead ringer. (Check it out here, but before you click, be aware of gay content: As one review said, "Fantasy doesn't get any better than this." Speaking of fantasy, the new trailer for Conan the Barbarian is online, and looks intriguing. I stumbled over it when chasing a story about Johnny Depp signing for Pirates #5 --!

I'm very pleased with the omni lights on the figure. They render super-fast, and these renders also didn't take so much as a lick of post work. The backdrop was a quick digital painting -- all of four strokes and a bucket fill! The figure and costume (or lack of it...) hasn't changed since yesterday, so if you're wondering about the skinmap, hair and so forth, track down the details here.

With any luck at all, I'll be back tomorrow with some new toys to share. I got a new skinmap, a new set, and a fantastic new suite of seamless textures which will change the look and style of any costume they're slapped on. All I need now is the time to play!

And now ... tea, and a break before the evening starts. What day was today? Wednesday? Omigods. This week is turning into a blur. Somebody rush in and save me when it gets to Friday!

Jade, 6 July
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