Friday, July 22, 2011

The steampunk clock, the wings, and ... stuff

Just one image today ... because it's actually three images combined into one...

The sky was generated in Bryce 7 Pro and then overpainted in Photoshop, and this gave us the background. The foreground is a test-drive of two new models I got last week -- DM's new "The Clock," which is a giant steampunk, uh, clock, and also the Icarus Wings from Poisen, which are not new, but were on sale a while ago.

The whole image was rendered in DAZ3D, and then shipped back into Photoshop to be painted in subtle ways ... no big splats and weals of color or tone, but a lot of work in the shadows, burning in colors, that kind of thing. But quite enough painting was done on it after the render for it to constitute a whole new image.

That's Victoria 4.2, wearing the Uranus hair, the Andromeda costume and the Age of Armor boots; I changed out all the textures for blues from the TMP Designs textures, to match the wings.

Does the piece have a theme? Ummm ... I don't know. Does it?! It could be something really deep and meaningful, like "Time is the enemy," or it could be a frame from a "shoot the zombies" game. I'm inclined to think the latter, because I can't help remembering Paul Bettany in Legion. (That movie contrived to be a lot of fun, actually ... weird enough to be a challenge, but with just enough substance to deliver the goods, whereas I was disappointed with Wanted. Now, there was a movie I thought was loaded was potential -- based on the Top Cow comic and starring Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy. I'd seen the trailer at the movies, and hired the DVD thinking, "how could you go wrong this this?" Oh, the director found ways! It turned into a pure bloodbath, and the script? It was originally 22pp pages long, and when told to make it longer, the writer filled 78pp with profanity. Hmmm. "Could have been a lot better" is being kind. And boy, when I wander OT, I sure wander OT, don't I?!)

These wings will look great on Michael 4, too. Hmmm. Come back tomorrow...

Jade, 22 July
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