Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Anyone for a stroll in downtown Mos Eisley --?

Just letting you know that if you're looking for the gloriously exotic male nudes, you need to be on the other blog today. In fact, I posted them last evening, but didn't have the opportunity to post here too and let everyone know they were online. So, uh, better late than never, and with all due arm-waving and MALE NUDITY WARNINGS, here's the link ... enjoy!

In all seriousness, that's a gorgeous skinmap (SAV-Eros), and it fits a few of my chatacters beautifully. I'm thinking, I might switch Neil Travers over to this skinmap and see what happens. He's currently wearing the Elite Lee skinmap, which is very good, but I've always had a couple of reservations about it, and I have a real feelng SAV-Eros might be just what I was wanting. This skinmap comes with a very, very good bump map, which you can dial up or down at whim, or as per need. One wishes other skinmaps came with better bump maps -- it's the one map which, in skins, is often overlooked, and and undercooked bump map can make poor ol' Michael 4 look like plastic.

I believe the SAV-Eros bump maps are either mostly or entirely hand painted, and what can I say? Fantastic work, guys! Call this a "model review," if you like -- see here for the post where you see the skinmap at work, or (!) if you don't mind the occasional artistic male nude, click over to the exotic blog and get the whole picture!

Here are some nice renders of that new set I've been talking about in the last couple of days ... they were supposed to be posted yesterday, but (surprise!) I ran right out of time. The set is D'Square, which is from Renderosity, and it's a very, very nice set -- absolutely excellent value at the price, too. It has an almost exotic flavor about it ... it makes me think of "downtown Mos Eisley," the better part of town where the scum and villainy don't hang out! In fact, you can imagine the Millennium Falcon in the sky, departing the Tattooine system with its tail feathers on fire and the local contingent of the Imperial Fleet wondering where it went!

You know, I think I'll try the SAV-Eros skinmap on Neil Travers, and see what happens. This afternoon. See you tomorrow, with the results!

Jade, 7 September
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