Monday, September 5, 2011

Michael 4 tries on his new skinmap

Having fun playing with my old mate, Michael 4 ... who just got a new skinmap, new hair, costume, the works. I've been shopping sales at DAZ and Renderosity even while I haven't had a chance of doing art to upload. Now I'm getting a half hour here and here to break the new stuff out of storage and play with it.

The new skinmap is SAV-Eros, from Studio Art Vartanian. It's billed as "could be vampire, could be human," and here's the original face and body morph, as supplied by the designer:

It's a very good face indeed -- angular and harsh, and you'll see a lot more of it. But after I rendered the whole SAV-Eros character a couple of times to get a handle on it, I wanted to see how the skinmap would suit my own characters, so I dropped it onto the morph I call Ron. The result is very nice indeed -- that's the top two images. You've actually seen this morph once before ... a looong time ago. I like this combo of morph and skinmap a lot, so you'll definitely see him again!

This is also the SAV-Eros hair, which is a great new style. This is the "long" version of it; the model ships with a short version too, and I'll be looking at that next. (I also bout another hairdo, Sissy LeBeau, which fits Michael 4 and Victoria 4.2, too. We'll have a look at that one in the coming week.

The costume is the Sickle Yield Rogue Armory pants once again; this is another of the textures which are supplied with the model, and I'm about to change to my own textures next, see how far we can go with this garment.

And I'm also playing with a couple more of the stock poses from the Amazing Bodies collection, which is one of the very best pose sets I've ever come across. As I said -- having fun playing with a bunch of the new stuff I shopped for during August.

I'd like to render this character as an exotic male nude -- the kind of thing that would be uploaded to the other blog. In fact, if time permits, I'll do this tomorrow. Also today, I had a chance to load up a new set, D'Square, which is a challenge to render, and very rewarding if you can get it to come out right! Still need to do a bit of post work on those renders, so you won't see them before tomorrow. Sooooo tired! Have been cleaning house on top of working, and even though it's only early evening, I'm propping my eyelids open and yawning! Methinks it'll be an early night tonight ... then look out for either of both of these characters to appear nude tomorrow!

Jade, September 5
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