Sunday, December 23, 2018

Happy Holidays ... and Peace on Earth

The "card" says it all ... Happy Holidays, folks. Merry "Whatever You're Celebrating," and Happy 2019 to all!

(If anyone is interested: I found a free stock shot of Stonehenge, at the moment when the sun crosses the horizon on the solstice of winter. Into Photoshop; make the canvas size about 2.5x the width of the original photo. Some creative painting to create a smooth fade-to-dark at the top; two Photoshop brushes: the biggest. brightest Christmas star (a bokeh light) right on the sunrise, and snow falling softly. Then, into Serif for typographic art: the font is Glastonbury Wide, in gold color, with 3D emboss and effects set, 3D lights on ... and I adjusted the lights to illuminate the golden message with the sunrise.)
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