Sunday, December 16, 2018

Painting in Photoshop: Wetlands

Painting happily ... passing an image back and forth at will between Photoshop and Krita, but I confess, this one was done 70% in Photoshop, 10% in Irfanview, and then painted up in Krita and passed back to Photoshop to be finished.

What I'm supposed to be doing is training my brain to actually draw inside the software rather than sketching something, then scanning the sketch, reimporting it and coloring it in either or both of those programs. Hmph. No real joy so far. My hand just isn't steady enough, and I'm getting a lot of pain from it ... anyone remember the old condition we used to call RSI years ago, when we typed ourselves into splinted hands and wrists? Same thing. Soooo,

For the moment I'm going to have to suspend the idea of DRAWING because a) my brain can't do it, and b) my hand is screaming with the effort of trying! Instead, we'll go back to painting, not drawing, and let the software do at least some of the work:

I'm pleased with this one. It's from an absoluetely "nothing" snapshot at the Clarendon wetlands about six years go. The light was flat, the colors dismal, rubbish floating in the water. The kind of "meh" photo you never even look at a second time and almost, almost chuck in the bin. But ... the framing and composition were nice, and I do love woodland paintings. For some reason I kept it, and this morning it was handy when I came to scout around for something to paint! First thing I had to do was delete some garbage. This is the beauty of painting: a worthless photo can become a very nice painting indeed.

Just for fun, I'm going to liven this up with some old renders that haven't seen light of day in years and years ... so long, I'd forgotten about them! Have been looking back at some of the old work, and it would be vastly improved with some digital work. Here we go:

I just rebalanced all the colors in this one...
it almost comes up as a whole new work
I call this "Working Class Hero."
More soon ... right now, I have to go soak my right hand in hot water and get some liniment on it!
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