Monday, December 10, 2018


Perhaps I need to get my brain examined ... here's another one I painted over a year ago and never uploaded. Forgot. I call this one Swashbuckler, for obvious reasons! He was designed and posed in DAZ (that's one of my faces, too), then reduced to a sketch and worked up as a Photoshop painting, against a lovely, moody background of stormy skies.

Swashbuckler is one of a series of paintings I did in 2017. At left is another. I was working at the time to perfect a technique of starting with a DAZ render and ending with something unique to me specifically. I was delighted with this way of working ... I just set it aside when ill health, and my mother's death, got the better of me. Right now, I'm trying to get back into the swing of painting every day, running the software, flexing the imagination.

What's next? I have no idea. I work on pure inspiration from day to day. Something suggests itself, and we just go again and see what we can do. The paintings in this post are Photoshop paintings. At this moment I'm trying to master the suite of tools, and the interface, in Krita. Getting there, but it's a slow process. With any luck I'll be able to produce something really good before too much longer.

One thing I must wrap my head around is the new suite of brushes available in Krita, which is a PAINTING program, not a photo retouch and manip program, like Photoshop. I just stumbled over the set of basic watercolor brushes installed in Krita. Oooooh. [Goes round eyed and stares] Gonna play tomorrow!

For now, let me post this and run away to get some dinner. Too hot to paint today. But last night Dave took me out to see the Christmas lights, and I got some great photos, which I'll be uploading to one of my other blogs. I'll link to it when I've done it. They're amazing this year. 😲 Amazing.
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