Monday, December 17, 2018

Oh, yeah ... a kind of magic!

Yes -- an old render, but a good one ... and I've wanted to try compositing art with Amberlight images for weeks now. Here was my chance! The perfect concept: the magician, working energy magic. And the result was so neat, I zipped it into a show poster ... in fact I would love to see a story about this character. He just got a name: Cassandro. And the "for one night only" slogan on his show poster tells you, it's a traveling show. And thereby hangs a tale!

I think I'll go back into the old project files and do some more renders of this character. Searching through old materials, I discovered that I'd archived the lot, everything is right there for the rendering, so ... why not?

Also did another landscape, just for the fun of painting the ocean. This one is a study of Petrel Cove, which is 'round the other side of Rosetta Head (aka The Bluff) at Victor Harbour...

...the way Blogger needs to shrink the images to fit them into this template (yes, I know -- my fault, not theirs!) means you don't get to see the real, juicy details, so ... please to click to see these larger. I'm proud of the detrails, and would love you to see them.

Nothing else going on here. Work is deader than the proverbial mackerel in the week before Christmas, and since the gifts are all wrapped and the groceries mostly stashed for the holidays, I have nothing to do but paint, read, watch movies ... what a horrible prospect, snarfle. 😜

Soooo, I think I'll go back to the magician, here, and do some more renders, combine them with Amberlight pictures (which is a Photoshop job), maybe chuck in some Krita painting, and see what happens! (Oh, the show poster was composited in Serif. All the arty typography effects are literally what Serif was designed for. Or, one of the things. Okay, I have a date with a magician, and on that theme, I think I'll go out with a little-known 1980s Queen video that I adore:

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