Tuesday, March 5, 2019

A little steampunk (!) ... and low clouds on a lake shore

A little steampunk! Mix and match eras, costumes, props ... it's rather whacked out, but it's fun. Also, I was working on really believable sunlight in the raytrace environment, and this is pretty good, actually. I'll buy it for sunlight. And I like this character a lot, so --

-- just playing with camera angles and lighting, shadow softness and depth of field. There's about six experiments running in this one simple shot! The hairy chest and forearms were done separately, after the fact in Photoshop. There's ain't a single skinmap that I possess that offers really realistic hairy chests, but fortunately it's easy as a post job!

Didn't do very much today -- not feeling so good, in fact, but I did play in Terragen for a short while. Something I wanted to examine: what happens to the lightning conditions when you radsically lower cloud base? Bring the clouds lower and lower, and see how it affects the daylight...

Terragen: early evening on a lake, with high clouds:

Same location and camera angle, but drop the clouds from 4000 meters to 800 meters:

Uh huh. The lighting conditions changed a lot. I love the way the clouds sit on the hillside --

Just plucking up my courage to start working with objects now. Trees, grasses, shrubs and so forth. These are lovely landscapes, but what they're crying out for is trees. So that's the next thing! See what I feel like tomorrow. Gulp.
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