Saturday, March 23, 2019

AWOL, I know ... and about to do it again ...!

Yes, I disappeared on you since Monday: sick like you wouldn't believe. Three-day migraine "with all the trimmings," and for those of you who know what that means ... yes, it means ALL the trimmings, plus some you might not have suffered yet! Then, I hardly drag myself back to my feet, and --

-- I'm packing for a three day road-trip to Horsham and Hall's Gap, bushranger country in the Victorian highlands. Dave and I have had this planned for six months! It's the trip to celebrate our twentieth (as in, wedding anniversary), so ... "Up on your feet, soldier, and get them bags packed!" The one thing I couldn't do in the last few days --

-- was fresh art. Couldn't even look at a computer most of the time, if I tell the truth. So what I'm doing today is uploading a freshly-rebalanced set of images culled from the last eight or nine years. Unless you've been following this blog for a looong time (or have trawled its very depths) you won't have seen much, if any, of this stuff, so it'll seem new. And these are some of the nicest images from getting along toward 1,000 posts. So --

Yes, I'm about to vanish on you again! We're driving out at 7:00am tomorrow, and won't get back till late on Wednesday, but ... yes, I have a lot of art ideas, many images to realize. Like the man said in the movie, "I'll be back." And for now --

-- please enjoy this selection, which has everything from character design to fantasy, SF, beauty shots, critters, humor, and on a closing note, below special effects! Back soon with more...

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