Monday, March 18, 2019

Making magic ... and a mountain lake at dawn and sunset

Now, there's an exotic for you! You might not believe it's actually the same guy as the conjurer, or magician, whom you've seen several times. What a difference the beard makes! I was after something like Zax, from Facelift ... anybody know the character? Google it. Anyway -- I do like this:

I think I could do more with this character, too. That's the Dinokonda plus in the foreground, and a fantasy weapon ... I actually did the castle in the same shot, not as a backdrop, standing on a bit of terrain created for the purpose in Bryce. The hair chest is hand-painted in Photoshop, of course; and I painted the hair, too.

That sky is an old, old Vue render Dave did about nine years ago. I got him to render me a set of "atmospheres" to use as backgrounds for my DAZ stuff ... and I just stumbled over them among the old files! Very good skies ...

Now, I'm wondering if I could use Terragen to render up atmospheres to use as backdrops for DAZ...

That's the same landscape and sky, imaged at different times of day, sundown and sunrise. I've gone just about as far as I can in Terragen before I get the computer rebuild, so you're not going to see anything stunning and different for a while. But yes, we wanted realistic landscapes, and we got them!

I only wish there was real, genuine tutorial material online for Terragen 4. There isn't, or at least I haven't found it yet. I'm juuust at the point where I'm starting to flounder around: have learned all I can teach myself regarding shaders, mapping and what have you, and now I need the manual ... except there isn't one. Hmm. Will need to really think this through from here on! I think the "easy" stuff is all behind me already.

Must go now. Big, big headache today, and now it's dinnertime. I find myself wondering what happened to the day!
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