Saturday, March 2, 2019

Badlands ... and the android PA accepts its program upload!

Early the next morning ... yes, Amadeus got his android PA home and got it programmed. Phew ... what a difference:

You really need to see that at large size! It was actually tougher making Victoria 4 look like a machine than making her look more lifelike. Designing the apartment was fun, too, placing all the props, putting the textures on the furniture and all. That was very rewarding ... the backdrop is the same Bryce cityscape I used as the gag bookcover the other day. Mike happened to be walking by and suggested a "snapshot" of it without the characters:

There you go: Amadeus's place in the year 2220, about 200 years from now. Very neat ... the immortal (vampire) being what he is, he still has antique furniture and BOOKS even though he just bought himself an android PA.

Also, in Terragen -- a photo expedition to the badlands:

From altitude, in the plane or helicopter, flying in:

Then, two shots from the exact same location, with the camera pointed 180 degrees apart:

That's quite interesting, because it's exactly the same point on the surface of this virtual world. Just waaay up above it in the altitude shot, and then turning a half circle in the other two. I love the cloud shadows, and the red cliffs in the distance!

Making some headway in Terragen, but I still haven't solved the question of how to generate a specific land form rather than a whole environment. Working on it: the answer is out there somewhere. Probably at YouTube! Honestly, I am loving Terragen 4!
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