Thursday, March 14, 2019

Yes, the tavern scene. Plus Terragen highlands, and Amberlight dazzle

Even the faer folk take a shift off now and then ... head for the tavern and indulge in a mug! The Raven: lose the armor, switch out the textures on the shirt and pants underneath said armor; restage the whole thing in DM's Anardhouse set, which goes back about eight years but still renders up as well as anything I've ever seen. It's one of those rare sets that are detailed on the interior as well as the exterior:

Here it is from the outside, rendered in Bryce 7 Pro; actually, done in 2015, I think ... not sure I ever uploaded it. Perhaps I did ... it's about a thousand images ago, and my memory isn't going to play nice over that span! And here is the interior --

-- also rendered in Bryce 7 Pro, today. But the main image was done in DAZ Studio ... just a raytrace on the old fashioned render engine, and then some serious painting in Photoshop to take up the slack. It renders up very nicely indeed -- and so does this character. That's the Yannis dreadlocks he's wearing, and the texture mapping on the costume makes it look like soft, soft crushed velvet. Nice:

Also ... Terragen highlands ... and big experiments with the sky today:

That is a gorgeous sky! Two cloud layers to get this effect. High cirrus and low cumulus. It's another part of the same landscape I designed yesterday; I just flew the camera somewhere else in it, and dropped it down to ground level. Then, after I got this one, I flew it up onto the top of that outcrop and spun it around 180 degrees. Notice the way the shadows fall, above? Now --

Yep, you are now standing on top of the outcrop, looking back at the very place you were standing on the valley floor! And just to be outrageous, after I got this one, I decided to flood the area and see how it would look as a lake:

This is fun. Understatement. Am delighted with the way this work is turning out ... the shorelines and detail in the water -- reflections of the clouds are so on, are wonderful. Here, have a closer look:

Whoo! And to top it off, I went into Amberlight and beguiled away the time it took the other computer to do the raytrace on the tavern scene:

Amberlight also is a lot of fun. Visually dazzling abstract stuff. There's a Version 2 out now, but I have yet to even scratch the surface of Version 1, so I'm not in any rush to upgrade. Pretty!
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