Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dawn at the old temple on the cliff

Just beauty shots today ... they've been rendering in the background while I did other work (Hell Day, folks. Don't ask) and I need to grab some coffee and get back to the other computer right after I upload this.

The base model: Michael 4. The costume: Journeyer Scout. The hair: Midnight Prince. The set: DM's new one, Circular Shrine (launching right now, at half price ... can you believe this for $3?! It's beautiful, absolutely glorious). The character: Leon, as designed by yours truly -- it's Michael 4 wearing one of my faces and the high-rez M4 skinmap. The background ... you're probably not going to believe this, but it's not a Bryce sky or landscape -- it just looks like one. It's one of those "free" wallpapers, where you pay for the image by watching 2000 commercials before you get the picture to load. The image is a long shot of the Hebrides at dawn ... you'd swear it was a Bryce image. I did some overpainting on it in GIMP to add some birds using Ron's Birds, which is an .abr brush set.

A couple of these were raytraced, and the top one -- with the birds -- is uploaded at 1:1 size, which is 1000 pixels tall. Well worth a click to see it at full size.

And now (sob) back to work.

Jade, 11 March
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