Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Princess of Outer Space

The Princess of Outer Space, Episode 63: Sex, Lies and Rayguns ...

The story so far: Her mother, the Empress, is the ex-wife of the Emperor Ming, who was known as 'Ming The Merciless,' until Aunt Violet became the Empress by catching him in a temporal containment vessel -- and because Empress Violet treated the containment vessel with two-part epoxy, he's stuck in there. Which leaves the Empire of Mingo enjoying one long party ... nobody parties like Auntie Violet ... and their daughter, Princess Astra, is now officially the Princess of Outer Space. And when you're the daughter of the Empress of Mingo, well, you generally get to do anything you like. Dressed any way you want. Astra is determined to be outrageous.

Meanwhile, Princess Aura shacked up with Prince Valiant on the Forest Moon of Endor. and he's currently trying to figure out who she's two-timing him with at the moment, while Flash and Dale are domiciled in a luxury condo on the high side of Mingo City -- and you thought science fiction was boring! Days of our Star Wars ...or, As The Death Star Turns. (What you do is to rent all the sets and props from Flash Gordon, contract the actors from Stargate, and hire the writers from The Bold and the Beautiful. Set them all to work, with visual effects by ILM and a giant soundtrack by Hans Zimmer ... kick back and start writing you acceptance speech for the next Golden Globes.)

Seriously --!

This whole things is just about a couple of "Screamin' SF" renders to have a look at the hairstyle that didn't suit Michael 4 at all. It does actually suit some incarnations of Victoria 4.2, but it's surprisingly hard to work with. The costume is comprised of bits and pieces from here and there, all given a common appearance by having the same texture whacked onto them. Those are the strappy shoes from Horizon Redux, and I think it's the skirt from Arabesques, and I forget what the boobtube is part of, sorry. The raygun is another from the Classic Rayguns set, and the background is a tiny, tiny part of the vast Starcarrier set.

The good news is, the Telstra Bigpond crew got the Internet cables back up ahead of time, so we're back in communication by late Sunday, whereas they were only promising late Monday! Small miracles.

Jade, 27 March
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