Monday, March 28, 2011

Michael 4 puts on his glam

Just beauty shots today, folks -- usual reason. Have been dumped upon by way more than I can handle, so I had some "male glamour photography" type shots rendering in the background...

It's always tempting to make up stories to go with this kind of sequence. Here's two, which leap right to mind:

It's a parallel world fantasy in which the glamour has landed on the shoulders of the guys, while the females wear their hair buzz cut, wear plain clothes and dim colors. The big glam magazines all feature characters like this on the cover -- women's magazines and men's magazines alike -- hunh?! Well, have you ever stood back and taken a look at the magazine racks?! next time you're in eyeball range of them, just take a good look. It's bikini babes on the men's magazine, and this, you expect. It's also babes on the bloody women's magazines, too!! The latest one has this head-knee shot of a twenty-something in a bikini, and the caption is: Kate's Body. Say, what? It's an up close and personal look at the body of Kate Middleton, in a state of undress, dished up by one set our journalisis, while the London Royal Watchers have been tipping Ms Middleton to be the next Queen of England. Does the word "impropriety" have any meanng?! So, imagine a world where the MEN'S magazines have photos of Mr. Obama in speedoes on the cover, with the caption, Barak's Body. Role reversal is delicious, isn't it? And you don't have to get into anything gay, or make guys in any way effeminate. Just switch the burden of glam onto men, and roll the movie!

Next story:

He's a Russian male ballet star who's taking the world by storm. He's meeting his costume designer here at this gorgeous little gazebo style thing by the lake, and they're going to fine-tune the costume he's almost going to be wearing to dace The Corsair in New York next season. It's going to turn into a romantic encounter ... and I leave it to you to decide the gender of the costume designer meeting him here! (See what happens when you shift the burden of glam onto the guy? Suddenly nothing is quite certain, and you're tingly, wondering -- heeeey!)

And if you're wondering what in the world The Corsair is, check this out, below. Apologies for the crappy quality of the video. This is the best available on YouTube right now. I can actually fix this, because for cripesakes it's just a one minute clip out of the middle of The Turning Point, which was re-released on DVD a couple o years ago. So -- when I get the chance I'll capture the clip and put something decent on YouTube, and till then, with apologies about the quality, here's gorgeous Mikhail Baryshnikov dancing (!) The Corsair ...

See what I mean about the recording?! Rent The Turning Point, see it properly! And I promise, I'll capture it and upload it when I get the chance!

Jade, 29 March
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