Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Where's the party?!

Party girl ... so where's the party? Victoria 4.2 getting dressed up, for a change! Why? No reason -- except, I felt like something different, a change of pace. Also someone left a very observant comment the other day: "You don't do much with females," s/he said, and s/he's right!

Why don't I do more with females? Well, because 80% of the digital art you see on the web features absolutely luscious females. 20% features males, and 90% of those have the males depicted as humorous, comical, ugly, frightening, deformed, whatever. if it ain't Quasimodo it's a clown on a monster. So where, or where, are all the gorgeous young men in this art form?

So part of me wants to address the imbalance! Not that I can make much difference, single handed ... but I might be able to imbue a sense of inspiration into other artists -- females or maybe even gay lads who'd like to do art which depicts luscious males rather than the aforementioned hunch-back bell ringers and clowns!

Soooo -- sure, it's very true that I don't do much with females. But let's have one today, because I feel like something a bit different ... also something easy, because I'm dancing around the edges of what could turn into the headache from hell - it hasn't hit me yet, and I'm trying to make it NOT!

I'm very, very interested in why there's such a paucity of luscious guys in digital art. I put the question to some friends and they said, "Well, how about the fact women are less interested in images than in words? They're less likely to be surfing for pictures, more likely to be reading." There's a grain of truth in this, because female brains are wired for words, whereas male brains are wired for images. Yet the bulk of the fan base for any show is (!) female. Women are glued to the screen whenever actors are on it, and they spend tons of money on movie magazines full of actors' mug shots. So that's not all the answer. I think another key part of the answer is simply that 80-90% of the digital artists are guys, and they prefer depicting females! It's probably just that simple. That leaves you with 10% of digital artists who're women, and who prefer depicting guys, and perhaps 10% of the whole field who're gay, and who swing in either direction, so the overall percentage stays the same!

Would anybody like to leave a comment on this? I'd be extremely interested to share the thoughts of others!

Jade, 10 March
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