Thursday, March 18, 2010

3D 10,000 BC

This is a great fantasy consume ... on sale for less the $2 the other day! It makes me think of early humans around the time of the last ice age ... so I put it on Michael 4 and then added the Elite texture known as Lee, which is Asian. Then added the Midnight Prince hair set to raven-black ... all of which looked fantastic. But what do you do for a background?

Well, a lot of the southern lands suffering the ice age did actually have a summer. It was just a short one -- and the same thing happens in Alaska too, even today. Summer there can be 12 weeks long, when breakup came late and the first snows came early. So, instead of having the character prancing around in the snow dressed like this (!) I thought, how about the brief summer of the arctic?

Lush growth... waterfalls as all that ice melts off ... green everywhere, arctic flowers ... also mosquitoes the size of floatplanes, but we won't depict those today!

Turns out, there's a really nice DAZ environment that'll do the trick: the Fairy Tale background, cycloramas and props! They surely weren't trying to model a summer's day in 12,000 BCE, but they did a pretty good job of it!

Staying on the theme of Arctic and ice ages, here's where I am with Bryce today:

I call this Sunrise on Svalbard. And the best thing is ... all this was done deliberately, and I know what I'm doing to get this effect, meaning I can do it again at whim. The lens flare was added in Micrographx, to get the sunrise effect, and ... done. Nice!

Jade, 19 March

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