Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Vampires. In church. Right.

The vampire goes to church ... or at least strolls through the place after dark, when there isn't a human in at least half a mile! There's something deliciously wicked about vampires in church, and this one in particular! Yep ... something convinced Amadeus he ought to check out the venue, admire the architecture, listen to the acoustics.

The set is something called Silence ... it's a fantastic set, with one exception. I'm still trying to figure out how to light it. It's an interior for an old, old church, highly detailed, amazing to look at. Now, the cloister set (the one with the big 'Charles Bronson' superhero with the looooong burgundy hair ... whoa), that one is so simple to light. You literally can't do anything wrong in there. But the Silence set? Exactly the opposite. It looks amazing, fantastic, but lighting it is less of a tough job than a mystery. No matter where I put the lights, they, uh, don't render the way they're supposed to. And immediately that you turn on a deep shadow map for any light at all, the whole picture goes into a complete blackout.

I know I'm just not getting it right yet, so I chickened out, and in order to a couple of nice renders today, I used the kit's own default lights. This is something I NEVER do, but this time around, I just blew off half an hour trying to my MY lights work -- no joy! -- so, default lights it is, for today.

Also, as promised...

The Yaoi magicians from the last couple of days -- making storm magic. And by the looks of things, they're making it work!

Jade, 4 March

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