Sunday, March 28, 2010

Character creation ... new in the NARC 'verse: Petrov!

If you know your NARC books, you'll know that along with the gay science fiction icons who have propelled these novels to the status of cult classics, there's also "the man you love to hate." He's in charge of the ops room aboard the NARC-Athena ... Mischa Petrov. And this is him, exactly as described in the books, down to the buzz cut and the big muscles, and the permanent scowl. He's been hunting for a command of his own since the first novel, Death's Head ... and at the end of Aphelion, he just got it. He's partnered with Gene Cantrell, and NARC just launched the new carrier, the Huntress.

I did these designs last week, never got the chance to upload them, so they're in my cache of "spares." It's a good thing I have a few, so I can keep blogging, because my computer is still in limbo, pending brain surgery. We're still waiting for a response from Avast (the anti virus software company), and if they can't get their product to install ... and if AVG continues to refuse to install ... this machine has to be brought back to factory specs. That's a whisker short of a reformat.


Anyway, Mel Keegan is very pleased indeed with the design work for Mischa Petrov -- Raven 8.6. Call him Captain Petrov now. (How'd you like Petrov as your commanding officer?! Good thing he has Cantrell as a partner...)

If you have no idea what all of this is about, and if you enjoy a great gay science fiction romp, you can catch up right here: I wish I could tell you there was a major motion picture in the works, but alas, there's not! Maybe one day!

Jade, 29 March
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