Sunday, March 7, 2010

Costume call: Regency era vampire ...!

When you get a new 3D costume, the first thing you do is load up all the components and then ... well, play with them to see what morphs, fits and fixes are available. Then, see what happens when you change the colors, and transparencies.

The M4 Regency costume comes highly recommended. Not only is it fairly easy to work with (also easy to find, because it installs into the correct folder automatically), but the MAT packs which are added on give the most fantastic textures 'right out of the box." Then -- well, then you get into your Surfaces tab and really start playing!

Here's the same shirt rendered into gossamer silk. It's lighter than air in this version, whereas you can leave it on its default, which is linen, and then apply any of a number of textures available for the shirt in the MAT Christopher and MAT Fitzwlliam add-on packs.

For today's renders -- I'm really just playing around to get a feel for the models, so ... who better to play around with than Amadeus. The vampire Amadeus. Circa 1812 or 1815, perhaps. yesterday's renders show the shirt, waistcoat and britches on the default settings; but after playing with them today I can tell you, there's plenty to play with! Amadeus appears to be strutting his stuff as a Regency beau, at a time when Western Europe as ripping itself to shreds ... Napoleonic Wars. Fortunes being made and lost. A savvy vampire who's been around for a couple of thousand years could do very well for himself...!

This is trusty, reliable Michael 4, wearing Midnight Prince hair set to white, and the Jagger skin map -- but not the Jagger face. This face is designed by me. He's wearing the shirt, britches, boots and necktie (stock?) from the M4 Regency set, with colors and textures assigned by me. I don't doubt that no other Regency beau from Dublin to Rome was wearing black, head to foot, with a blood-scarlet necktie, but ... Amadeus is a vampire. He's allowed to be different!

Jade, 8 March
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