Thursday, March 11, 2010

The fantasy horse ... the enchanted forest ... just beautiful!

The fantasy horse ... the enchanted forest ... the old, old story, like a favorite movie you half-remember from being a kid. Please enjoy these shots -- "just" beauty shots today, guys, because I'm sooooo far out of time. I saw my chiropractor this morning, had my back "cracked," and the adjustments were enough to throw me way off kilter. I'm trying to catch up with myself, with a dizzy headache and the works. Not uncommon, when my chiropractor's had another go at me. But I'm going to land so far behind today, work-wise --!

I'll be back tomorrow with the fantasy guy to accompany the fantasy horse ... and yes, I will be coming back to Jarrat and Stone very soon. I just thought, we've had a lot of SF lately, so everyone must be ready for a break! Many thanks to Mel Keegan for posting on the subject of my NARC renders. Did you see the post, over on MK's blog? Woo hoo!

Jade, 12 March
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