Saturday, March 6, 2010

DAZ's Michael 4 steps back in time...

And now for something completely different! The Regency beau ... in 3D, naturally, this blog being what it is! The costume is amazingly realistic, and the add-on textures make it very special. It does take a fine touch to get everything to fir properly, but adjustments and morphs are available for all kinds of body shapes. I'm very impressed:

The old saying goes, "Clothes maketh the man." But in 3D it's truer to say, "Materials (MATs) maketh the clothes. It's the add-on mixture of "Christopher" and "Fitzwilliam," added to the M4 Regency costume base, which makes this so realistic.

The model is reliable old Michael 4 ... I added the Remendado skin map, and the Ricardi hair, set to golden blond. He's also wearing Jagger's blue eyes, because I really don't like Remendado's own eyes ... too many broken veins in the whites.

Look out for this character in future ... I this a lot, so you can expect to see him again! Also, the costume is going to look great on several other characters you know well from the pages of this blog.

That's Castle Howard in the background -- a private house about the size of a palace, in England. I've actually been there ... I think I was nine y.o. at the time, so the memories are hazy. I remember magnificent interiors, oil paintings the size of walls, genuine furniture ... and it was cold, even in the summer. Every room had a fireplace, but none were lit. It also echoed -- everything was dressed timber, polished floors. Amazing place. I believe it was bombed during World War II, or at least there was a fire there during the war. Before my time, I'm glad to say!

Jade, 7 March
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