Saturday, June 19, 2010

3D clothes maketh the 3D man

3D character creation is one of the biggest thrills in this kind of work, and here's a game I couldn't resist playing...

You recognize the set from yesterday, when Sinbad was sitting there. But do you recognize the same character?! This is the same digital actor who plays Sinbad in all these fantasy posts of mine! All I did was change out the costume, add the car, set a morning sky background and change the lights to look like morning, and ...

Whaddaya know ... it was all a dream. He's not Sinbad at all, he was just having this amazing dream of being Sinbad, while on a driving holiday to somewhere like Leptis Magna. Or maybe he was remembering a past life? So, the next morning he gets in the car and follows his instincts and reaches --

The place! Yes, this was the place! He remembers sitting right there, in the dream ... which of course you saw in yesterday's renders.

Is this cool or what?

Also today, I'm taking the opportunity to test-drive a new set of clothes: M4 Real Jeans by Billy T, from Renderosity. Nice. Works a treat in DAZ, even though it was intended to work in Poser ... you just have to really know how to install all the files to the right locations. I've blogged about that expensively, too -- see this, if you need a hand.

Last notes for today:

YES, there is an adults only bunch of renders from the Sinbad shoot!! But I might not have a chance today to upload them to the other blog where the adult content lives -- so come back tomorrow, y'all. (Update on this: the renders are up, and they live right here. The usual caveat before you click: Sinbad's pants appear to have been stolen by a flock of harpies, with somewhat stunning results. Best of all, he doesn't seem perturbed at all...)

And, YES, I know I'm about three months behind with indexing the tutorials into their proper places. Life has been "interesting" in that time. bear with me. I'll get there in the end!

Jade, 19 June
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