Sunday, June 20, 2010

Waiting for the vampire

3D art can be incredibly expressive. Call this series of renders "Waiting for the Vampire," because this young man is very beautiful, and this church is very ruined, and this night is very dark and stormy! (In fact, if you come back tomorrow, I'll have the vampire show up!)

These renders are a return to yesterday's art. In that series I was exploring a new set called AD Gothick. Fantastic piece of work. What you don't realize (I don't think it comes through in yesterday's renders) is the size of the set. So today I set up the shots to show how big it is. That gargoyle up on the wall is life-sized at least ... and if this dude were alive, he's no shrimp!

Otherwise, the setup is pretty much the same -- the Bryce sky, some extra trees in the background to give a sense of depth, and the lights. Actually, I set a couple of extra lights, because having a character means you need something I call "point of reference lighting." What this is, is a bounce-back from the ground -- in real life, you always get reflected light, and if you don't have this in 3D renders, something seems to be "off." However, because the world is big, if you're on a very large set (like this one), you'll need to set at least two, if not three lights ... dim, and set in the ground (or floor) and pointing UP at the model. I know it's a bit extra work, but it really is worth it.

Now, the character is Michael 4 (duh), wearing the Mon Chevalier hair set to blond, and the Billy T. jeans and jacket, and the sneakers from the m$ Basicwear. He's wearing the Elite skinmap known as Lee (which is actually Asian, but it doubles very nicely as Scandinavian -- and that's one in the eye for the folks of other centuries, who were racist on the basis of what skin tone we're all wearing!!), but as for that angular, beautiful face ... sorry guys, that's one of mine. You can't buy this anywhere.

With the exception of the skinmap and hair and sneakers, which were from DAZ, all else you see in these renders is from Renderosity. Face by me, and Bryce sky by me, obviously.

Join me tomorrow, and the vampire he's waiting for will show up. I do believe it's going to be Amadeus. I can see Amadeus driving up in a starlight-blue sports car for his midnight tryst. Oooh, yes!

Jade, 21 June (Solstice of Winter downunder)
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