Sunday, June 13, 2010

The fantasy hero -- thank you, DAZ!

The fantasy hero ... sword and all! ... thank you, DAZ! Check out the textures on everything here -- I had heaps of fun just loading it up with textures and displacement maps.

Michael 4 is wearing the Matthias skin map again, and the Hermes hair ... the Stylin' jeans with a fur texture and a stone displacement map making for an interesting combo ... plus, the Chaos Seed gloves (designed for Victoria 4.2, but with a bit of wiggling, you can get them onto Michael) ... and the jacket from The Hunter with the same texture applied to this and the gloves, so his ensemble matches.

The backdrop and floor are the Easy Backdrops right-angle prop, with a Persian carpet applied to the wall to look like an Arabesque mosaic, and a lovely dark rock applied to the ground. The vase is from DM Instances, and used here at about 300% size. The lamp is attached to a column from the DM Shrine -- the column is out of picture. The sword is the katana-type blade from the High Fantasy set of toys...

Then, displacement maps are slapped on everything from the gloves to the lamp, so you can get as close as you like to these objects and they hold their integrity. The rest of it is all about lighting, and again, I had oodles of fun, and got some lovely results.

Is there a story that goes with these images? Well, by the looks of this, he's a ronin who's trying to get into a stronghold ... steal something -- better yet, steal someone out of there. Now, is it Zenobia he's trying to help? But if you saw that series of renders, that lady does not look like she needs anybody's help! Or was yesterday's Yaoi princeling abducted, and is this ronin the love of the young prince's life, come to bust him out of captivity?

Now, when you compare this post with the adults only post on the other blog (click here to see it -- and beware! Nudity!), then this story develops an absolutely delicious flavor!

In fact, I think I'm going to put these two characters together and see what they look like in the same shots. Stay tuned...

Jade, 13 June
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