Monday, May 31, 2010

Victoria 4.2, and a naughty fantasy romp

Victoria 4.5 starring as Zenobia in a 3D fantasy romp, Escape from the Seraglio. Hey, if this old chestnut's good enough for Hollywood, it's good enough for me! So here's the story:

Evil Warlord from the desert region south of our heroine's homeland on the steppes has sent his raiders into the heartlands of the horse peoples. Zenobia is their best warrior ... she fights valiantly to save the tribe and is knocked unconscious, and picked up with the wounded.

Taken back to the Evil Warlord's palace in the sands, she wakes and realizes she has no idea who she is. She's lost her memory, and when the snake-oil salesman of a slave dealer tells her she's an expensive courtesan, who's she to argue?

The next few months make Don Juan De Marco look like he was on a go-slow industrial action. (Didn't you love Johnny Depp in that?!) You don't want to know what she got up to! Then again, maybe you do ... but not on this blog, kiddies. Use your imagination! Also, give me time to get a partner blog up and going, for Mature Content, okay?

Then one day, shazam! She gets accidentally smashed on the noggin with a huge bronze incense burner and her memory comes back. She wants out ... like anyone in the Evil Warlord's palace cares about that! In fact, the boss has her tentatively pencilled in for an appointment tonight, between the hours of nine-thirty and seven in the morning. Little does he know, it's his last night on this world, and Zenobia will be over the wall and astride the big white stallion, streaking off across the desert while the stars are still blazing...

Yeah, right. Reads like an erotic romance bestseller, right? Ouch! Anybody want to write this?! I'll paint the cover...

Want to see the adults only renders belonging to this series? Click here to go there -- and the usual caveat, before you do: Zenobia seems to be trying to catch pneumonia, because she's running around with hardly anything on. Now, how sensible is that? Thick as a brick, this girl ... but boy, is she stacked.

Jade, 1 June
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