Friday, May 14, 2010

The 3D tavern ... wonder if it sells 3D beer?!

Merlin's 3D Tavern ... at last, I think I have the ram and video card power to render it -- so I'm starting to play around the edges of a model that is truly awesome. For a start, it's huge!

Nothing even vaguely coherent from me today, guys, much less useful! Real Life jumped up and bit me, and am now working desperately to catch up! For today's renders, I wanted to go back to the hunk you saw yesterday, with the black Italian sportscar. Looked for the project file, and -- aarrgghh! If there's a copy of it there somewhere, I can't find it, and I've looked in lots of places.

Now, I know I saved it -- but WHERE?! So the hunk is doing a pretty good job of hiding, and ... well, you won't be seeing more of him today! So --

A peek at what I'm working on when I have time to draw breath and gulp half a cup of tea that's been forgotten on the corner of the desk and gone cold! A fantastic little pub that looks like something right out of the Shire. You could almost see Frodo and Sam staggering home from this place, after a few jars...

You can fly the camera right inside, visit the tapbar, the kitchen, the stables ... climb the stairs and get into the bedrooms. Now, the last time I tried to get a render in the bedroom, I couldn't render shadows. This time around, with a video card to be reckoned with, we ought to get some very nice renders.

So -- sky by Bryce, pub by Merlin, trees from the Deluxe Trees kit, shrubs from the P-Nature shrubs kit, and the floor from DM's The Shrine set as the yard at the side, with three barrels from the Western Brick-a-Brak set for good measure. Nice!

I'll be back tomorrow with something intelligent to say ... I hope!

Jade, 14 May

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