Saturday, May 15, 2010

Going to hell in 3D ... and enjoying the trip!

Um ... going to hell in 3D -- who needs a handbasket? Seriously, it looks like Dante had it all wrong! And yes, you can see right through the little number he's almost wearing, which is the reason for the, uh, strategically placed smoke. Am seriously considering hiving off a separate blog with a "mature content" warning on it, and you'd basically click here to go there and see the whole picture! Being one of those people who considers the human body to be non-threatening, even when it's not beautiful, I've never been able to understand why people put fig leaves on statues! But still, each to his own.

There's nothing particularly coherent or intelligent in this post either -- beauty shots only, really, because after a few days of utter chaos, now I'm working long and hard to catch up to where I need to be!

Here's a peek at what I'm up to right now -- click to see this LARGE:

It's a presentation of the Woman in Red renders from my new opus. I'll be cycling all the artwork through my online portfolio in a couple of weeks ... changing everything. Right now I'm starting to do quite a bit of cover work, and this is reflected in the current art. This also means I'm working quite a bit with Victoria 4.2 as well as Michael 4, so I've stared buying a few items of clothing and shoes for Miss V. Give the poor woman something to wear.

In these renders today, it's a "teddy" sort of thing she's halfway wearing; there's also stockings and shoes that go with this ... all models from DAZ, which installed well, except for the textures on the teddy, which didn't install at all. Or at least, they won't load. So I quit struggling with them and used textures of my own ... and that worked out just fine, so I'm happy.

In the renders of Michael 4, who's apparently gone right to hell and is having a great time there ... it's actually the kirtle from Wood God set he's nearly wearing -- but I changed the textures and displacement maps out for my own, and then got naughty and told the kirtle to be, um, transparent. Yes, you can see right through it. Good thing I have Ron's Smoke and Steam, and Ron's Flames, which were painted onto these pieces in Gimp, and got us back out PG-14 rating!

Join me tomorrow, when I'm going to TRY to get the time to place Merlin's tavern in the middle of a Bryce landscape. Rendering the shot will take over an hour, but I'm dying to give this a go. So -- see you then!

Jade, 15 May
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