Friday, May 21, 2010

Achilles and Patroclus ... happy Post 250!

Achilles ... statuesque, blond, brooding ... waits for Patroclus under that angel's wing Bryce sky ... and at last Patroclus shows up. Happy Post 250!

Join me tomorrow when I'll wrangle both characters in the same shots, and show a lot more of the gorgeous set you saw in yesterday's post...

(Nothing too lucid to read today, guys: I feel like death is imminent. Need tea. Need blankie and pillow. Need good book. Need world to go 'way and lemme expire in peace. Seriously -- it's some kind of sinus infection, the kind where you can make your teeth ache by waggling your eyebrow. The one where your throat feels like gravel, and you sound like Darth Vader. It should be gone in another day, but right now -- waaaah! Tea, blankie, pillow, book --!)

Jade, 21 May
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