Sunday, May 2, 2010

Male nude ... art and poetry in a Bryce landscape

Male nude art ... and now I've got your attention, I'll go back to the beginning of this story, where a beautiful young man has wandered out onto the lea to meet his lover... and if you rather think it looks like a book cover, you're right. It's a book cover.

Art by Jade, words by Mel Keegan. It's like ... you wandered into Narnia, but instead of it being a children's world, it's Narnia as it would have been if an adult had dreamed it up for adults. Tumnus is just as young and gorgeous as you remember, for instance, but it was a 20 year old, not a 10 year old who blundered through the back of the closet (gives a whole new meaning to "coming out of the closet," doesn't it? Maybe we should talk about "coming out of the wardrobe." And here's the real trick: it has a back door that doesn't open onto bedroom wall). And, the human being 20 and all, and Tumnus being abslutely gorgeous and all...!

So, with something that in mind, enjoy this (click to view full sized -- I uploaded it without shrinkage):

Last words from me today are about my video card and ram chip: Thursday. It gets done on Thursday, and I won't have the machine for most or all of that day, so ... early warning, folks: I'll be taking time off that day, and won't be able to do fresh art for uploads. I'm going to try to stash some renders, and will upload from another machine. But -- Thursday! Whoot! New video card and ram chip!!

Jade, 3 May
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