Saturday, May 22, 2010

Exotic, erotic 3D fantasy

Exotic, erotic art -- 3D, of course ... and a drama is unfolding here. Not quite sure what the story is. If I thought there were enough followers of this blog, and that they were motivated enough, I'd have a competition: tell me the story of what's going on here, and win something like a screensaver --! But I know how hard it is to get folks motivated, so I'll just post the images and let your imagination run with them.

Both these characters are designed by me. You might actually recognize the guy: it's the same "actor" who played Achilles in the posts yesterday and the day before -- I gave him a new hairdo and set him into a very, very different scene. The "digital actress" is making her debut here. If you've ever read a book called Harem, by Colin Falconer, you might think of the lead character, Hurem ... the courtesan who toppled the Ottoman Empire. I read the book eons ago, and stumbled over it again on dusty old shelves, last week.

The set it very exotic -- designed for another project. It uses two Persian carpet textures whacked onto various columns (from the Anardhaus set) and surfaces. Then, you add two walls and a ceiling from the Silence kit, plus the brass burner from the Lair. Then, Michael 4, wearing the Lee skinmap, the Mario's hair -- set blond -- and at least fleetingly, the Regency pants. And the face of Achilles, which you saw here yesterday! Then, add Victoria 4.2, almost wearing a pair of slacks to which I added a texture of my own before I made them transparent silk ... and the Night Lily jacket, also set to nearly transparent, like golden gauze, plus the "swank pumps" and the Celestial hair. And the face and bod of the courtesan, Hurem, as designed by me.

Two of the renders were passed into Gimp to be painted with smoke from the burner, then the whole series went into Serif to be cropped, bordered, signed.

And yes, there's an Adults Only series of renders too ... and yes, I'm thinking seriously about hiving off a partner blog with a content warning! Stay tuned...

Jade, 23 May
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