Sunday, May 16, 2010

DAZ 3D art meets classical art ... nice!

And now for a complete change of pace: here's the young Duchess of some elegant dukedom ... married to a Duke who's about 90 ... and she's having an affair with Errol Flynn, who's about to go adventuring with his best friend. She's come to their trysting place on the hillside to say farewell ... or else to tell him not to go on pain of being written out of her will!

Seriously ... the sky was done in Bryce, the columns and lamps are part of DM's Lair, the dress is something called Night Lily, the hair is one of the three styles from the Angel character, set to auburn, and the shoes are the "swank pumps" set to black. That's Victoria 4, face designed by me ... fingernails set to Talon, with a blood red texture added.

It's a very evocative set of renders ... the character was just designed for another project, but I actually like it quite a lot. It's a strong face, exotic ... a little dangerous, even. This a very, very strong-willed woman, and I don't think you would want to get on the wrong side of her. She'd make a bad enemy.

Come back tomorrow, and meet the Errol Flynn character who's about to shoot off around the world with his best buds, adventuring on the Seven Seas while the Duchess is stuck at home with the geriatric hubby, playing power games!

Time was the one thing I didn't have any of today, so I couldn't even start on putting the Medieval Tavern into a Bryce landscape. That's going to be a loooong job, and today, all my plans went straight up in the air! Sunday's can get a little crazy. Then there's Mondays...

Jade, 16 May
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