Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Romantic Hero ... in 3D, naturally!

The romantic hero ... right out of the 'Golden Age' movies -- which are probably way before your time, but since they've been immortalized on DVD, what they hey?! Put it this way: if you've never even heard of Errol Flynn and Stewart Granger, you don't know what you're missing! Movies from the Days of Yore might not be stuffed to busting with CG effects, but they had a charm and a sheer (!) romance that you just don't find today. Maybe because moviegoers have become too cynical? If the soundtrack's not making your ears bleed, and if the characters onscreen aren't shooting armor-piercing incendiaries, it just isn't a movie! Right?

Anyway ... here's a closeup on the Duchess's young beau, whom you saw a few posts ago (right here, if you're interested) , and I couldn't resist the temptation to use a couple of Ron's Birds -- the Photoshop brushes which work 100% perfectly in GIMP -- to gussie up the final renders. They do make a lovely difference ... that extra little layer of realism added in on top of the Bryce sky and the specially-set lights.

So here's Michael 4, wearing the Mario skin map (with the 'tash), and the GQ Event hair, and the lower half of the Leon de Castiglia costume. It's still DM's The Lair set, but I switched out the textures for a really nice rock ... and one of the Deluxe Trees, all set against a Bryce sky, and to finish off, Ron's Birds. result: nice!

Jade, 19 May
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