Wednesday, June 16, 2010

3D costumes -- and dawn rising in a Bryce sky

DAZ's Michael 4 gets a new shirt -- and it's a beautiful prop. You're looking at Lockwood for M4 here -- complete with one of the textures supplied with the model (and there are four more, before I start playing around with my own textures). Verdict: fantastic.

Look at this for fit and style, even before you get to the textures, which are fantastic. I'll use some more of them in the next few days -- they're lush and exotic. In fact, the shirt and its textures made me think of my Sinbad character from a few weeks ago, so I reopened the old project and used that character to display the new shirt! Ooooooh, nice.

The rest of the Lockwood set includes a very good pair of leather pants, and a pair of shoes. The pants are the next thing I'll be testing out. You're not looking at them in this series of renders, but I suspect they're going to look fantastic on the ronin, whom I like so much, he's gotten a name: Subotu. You remember him from yesterday's renders --! And go back before that, here was the first time you saw him: the archetype of the fantasy hero. (And if you're so inclined, check out the adults only version of the sword kata renders, on the other blog ...!) So you'll more than likely see Lockwood's leather pants on Subotu, while Sinbad, here, is actually wearing the Beowulf slacks, with one of my own textures slapped on them for an exotic look.

The background is DM's shrine ... last time you saw it, the moon was up and the stars were out. This time, I switched out the backdrop -- dawn is coming up. The other two characters who were in the shrine by moonlight have gone and Sinbad is watching the dawn rise. I did that sky in Bryce a while ago -- never had an excuse to use it, but it's perfect for this scene!

Jade's verdict on the Lockwood set: five stars. Fantastic quality ... also, on sale right now.

Jade, 16 June
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