Thursday, February 25, 2010

3D book covers ... again

What was I saying a couple of hours ago, about 3D art for book covers? here's another fantastic example of the flexibility of the medium. I painted the "rough" for this piece about five months ago, when Jayne DeMarco showed the next-to-last draft of the gay romance, Painting Stephen, to DreamCraft. We immediately said, "Yes! Let's package the book and go to market!"

Five months later, the book is about to launch and I was able to go back to the rough ... just open the fine and light the model ... make a few changes, such as closing his eyes (Stephen is a dreamy character, this suits him), and in about fifteen minutes I had the whole cover done!

There's no way you could do anything remotely like this with a paintbrush, and the finished painting is gorgeous!

Here's the beauty shot -- the painting without the overlays:

Trying to get through with work today, so I can do some new renders ...

Jade, 22 February
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