Friday, February 19, 2010

Character creation and 3D serendipity

Character creation is one of the biggest thrills in 3D art, especially when you're bringing a character alive for a story. And DAZ Studio 3 is the perfect medium for this art, because you can start with what they call a "base" -- for me, it's always Michael 4 -- and change every last thing about the character. You could give him ingrown toenails, if you wanted to!

If you know your Hellgate, this is a Very Big Moment. About a week ago I was just playing around while I took a break from work (incredibly boring stuff. Code. Javascript. Gak) and this happened, literally accidentally...

Do you recognize him? If you take the beard off Remendado, and give him one of the NARC jackets, and Alexandre's necklace, and the aviator's glasses and Nomex gloves from the M4 Aircrew kit ... Mon Chevalier hair left on golden blond ... you get Sergei van Donne. And if you know your Hellgate, you'll know that this is the character who's been the bane of Richard Vaurien's life for years! He's six-foot-six, Richard's age, a mercenary, a pirate, drop-dead gorgeous ... and absolutely wicked. He's a technology thief on top of everything else, and he's been after Barb Jazinsky's work, one time tried to snatch it right off the Wastrel, from under Barb's and Richard's noses...

If you have no idea what's going on here, you need to catch up on Hellgate. No, you haven't missed a major TV series ... well, not yet, anyway. It's a monster series of SF novels by Mel Keegan, due to be finished this year, and one of my favorite "universes." You might know, I've been Mel Keegan's cover artist for a loooong time, and it's one of my guilty pleasures to create, in 3D, the characters from the NARC and Hellgate books.

Anyway, MK took one look at this guy and said, "Label that dude: Sergei van Donne!"

Next, Neil Travers' other half, Curtis Marin. Message to DAZ 3D: somebody needs to model real good curly-hair, because this is what Curtis Marin needs.

Jade, 20 February
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