Monday, February 1, 2010

Masculine beauty with the publisher's "spin"

Masculine beauty as rendered as 3D art in DAZ Studio 3 ... what's been called the "ubiquitous torso," because this form of "anonymous guy-candy" is so common in m/m publishing -- covers galore in the manlove romance genre. There's a reason the ubiquitous torso is a standby of publishers around the globe: it's very beautiful and filled with potential. Put it this way: you don't have to worry about whether you like a poor man's face or not ... and, be his bod never so dazzlingly glorious, a face that's far from your taste can spoil the picture. So ...

Here's another take on the same theme: the rear view, with glorious hair added in, also ... and an unseen face. Same reason -- and again, this format of man-candy art is very popular right across the spectrum of m/m and manlove publishing ... with good reason!

Only a couple of beauty shots at this moment, but I'll be back tomorrow with new creations. Today is the first day off I've had in weeks, and I have a date with a lounge chair and a good book, in a patch of shade in the woods, with a picnic basket parked right beside me. Day off. Let the words resonate on your tongue and among your brain cells ... delightful, innit?

And here I go --!

Join me tomorrow for a "beefcake shoot" ... the brain is full of ideas, I just need the time!

Jade, 2 February ... Groundhog Day!
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