Tuesday, February 16, 2010

3D Fantasy -- Kull the Conqueror

Not much to read today, guys: work has jumped up and bitten me where it smarts, so I don't have time to rattle on. For today, it's "just" some rather glorious and very very complex renders ... you would not believe how bloody difficult these were!!

But if you come back tomorrow (same time, same place...) I'll spill the beans and tell you how the whole thing was done! Just quickly, right now: I'd finished the renders and was bordering and signing them ready for upload when it hit me ... I knew the character reminded me of someone, somewhere, and just before I uploaded these shots as "The Warlord" it hit me: Kull, King Kull, the Exile of Atlantis ... By this Axe, I Rule ...!! Do you know your Robert E. Howard? (Or your Frank Frazetta, or even your Kevin Sorbo and Tia Carrera, come to that...!!)

Join me tomorrow, and I promise I'll tell all: secrets are not for keeping, not in this neck of the woods.

Jade, 17 February
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