Sunday, February 28, 2010

The fantasy hero comes alive in 3D

The fantasy hero ... the icon ... 3D art is so perfectly suited to this genre, I'm amazed every day. And the more I work with the one character here, the more I like him. When I developed this face, this personality, I was actually trying for Rogan Dahl (from The Lords of Harbendane), but I didn't even get close to Rogan.

Instead, I wound up with something very different, and absolutely magnetic. Picture this: he's close to immortal ... genetically engineered by several generations of sorcerers, not merely physically perfect, but with a searing intellect too. And then (Jade flying kites here, and loving it) the civilization that bred a handful of his kind collapsed due to corrupt politics (!), leaving people like him adrift in a world that's crumbling. Nobody trusts them, because they're too big, too strong, too smart ... probably too arrogant! So they wind up alone, doing off-the-wall jobs, like being an assassin.

And then he meets this guy...

...who's on a mission. And everything changes...

Ouch! This is a book I would love to read. It's a movie I'd love to see!

Jade, 1 March 2010

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