Saturday, May 18, 2019

A delicious 3D fantasy: Escape Plans. Whoo!

Escape plans ... but I leave it to you to figure out who's the captive, and why. This woman could be a High Chief's secret agent, come into the enemy palace to win freedom for the warrior prince of a tribe across the hills, who was taken on the battlefield and is being used as a hostage against his people. And that's not a bad story idea, if I do say so myself!

I don't often work with the Victoria 4.2 model ...

... for the simple reason that 99.5% of everything out there in 3D art land is female, female, female: babes in skimpy costume, or no costume at all, striking poses in front of the virtual camera. I got nothing against babes. Dangitall, I used to be one (in fact, my husband will tell you, I still am, though I think he needs his glasses checked...) But you can just "get enough" of them, after five thousand or so, and you want to work with beautiful guys instead. Nothing wrong with that, right? Right. But ...

Just occasionally I get an idea, and it really does need a female model to make it work. So here we have something different for today ... and a pretty neat story idea, too! You've seen the male model before --

Yep, that's him, in a render going back about five months. In fact, you've actually seen a prototype of this female model before, albeit in 2010! And no, I don't expect anybody to remember that far back! (Even I don't. But I do rummage among my ancient project files to see what's in there.)2010 was the time when I couldn't even raytrace, because my computer of the era would crash to the desktop if I tried, LOL! This was the best I could do at the time:

...which is not so bad, for an old fashioned deep shadow map with no post work whatsoever. But coming back to this character, I redesigned the face somewhat, and did everything that you can do with a raytrace. As I said the other day, these raytraces may be among the last ones I do, because next week, Wednesday, the computer is going into the shop for its new hard drive, and ...!

So there you go: Escape Plans. Now ... pick your own storyline!
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