Sunday, May 26, 2019

Nope, not yet. Grrr.

As the post title suggests ... nope, not yet, no call from the workshop to go and collect the computer ... which means Tuesday is the next earliest date I can expect to have it back. Whimper.

But the time hasn't been wasted: I downloaded manuals. And read them.

Which means I ought to be able to hit the ground running, and have also thrashed through a number of the problems which beset users -- not least of which being in the download itself. Fortunately, one of the things I paid for (and it wasn't cheap) was a full upgrade on the operating system. This should give me all the bang up to date drivers to run something called dForce --

-- and dForce is the next generation on from the old dynamic cloth idea. I was never able to get into that, since I toughed it out with Studio 3 for many, many years. Now, I'll probably leapfrog dynamic  whatever and go right for the dForce engine ... I hope. What's it do for you? Well --

-- with any luck, it ought to drape fabrics like this, above, which is a catalog image (credits printed into the picture: not my work. I think it's from the DAZ shop: it certainly looks familiar). It does automatically what you'd spend eons doing by hand, and comes up with results which follow gravity and so forth...
Catalog image: track it down here
This is all absolutely virgin territory to me, but thank heavens, YouTube is just loaded with tutorials; so, so long as my drivers are all sorted and I can get nice, clean downloads of the software and plugins, I ought to be in business.

In the meantime, the desktop has taken most of my programs with it: DAZ, Bryce, Photoshop, Krita ... I've got nothing on this laptop except Amberlight and Terragen. Am playing in Amberlight because it's soooo easy, and if I tell the truth, I'm too tired to make Terragen do anything. It's winter now, dark and cold, and when you're nursing a huge backache and listening to driving rain ... urk. So --

You won't (can't) see any new art from me till the desktop is home and everything is up and running. My arms aren't long enough to reach IT Warehouse from here, and even if I could, I imagine they have the case laid wide open and cables dribbling out of it. One last Amberlight image, and I'm going for dinner. *sigh* Maybe, a phone call tomorrow? If not, Tuesday?

It's worse than being an expectant father. I think. 😶

There. Dinner, here I come, then a DVD, and call it a day. Too, too exciting, right?
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