Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Night duty at the spaceport, fall colors, poetry and comics!

It's another episode in the "Dirty Night at the Spaceport" series! The last you saw of this cop, he was summoning Amadeus to come and retrieve his android (and pay fines and fees associated with damage done by a run amok drone). Here we are again ... still raining! Possibly the same night. And the guy we saw on the street in the city has arrived at the port, with a ship waiting...

Looks to me like the young guy might be an informant ... or possibly an agent. A street agent who's been tracking someone through the city, and he's arrived out at the port with the news that the quarry is about to escape. Hmm. That's not bad. These look like stills from a movie that doesn't exist ... and that's what I was after! Very pleased with the lighting in these shots -- and the wet concrete, puddles, reflections of light in the puddles. Wet is not the easiest thing to achieve in 3D, but here, it works. Lots and lots of post production painting, of course ... you might actually be dismayed by how "plastic" the raw renders look! It's digital trickery that makes them appear compelling. These are merely raytraces in the old, old software...

Speaking of movies -- you couldn't have missed the news that the Avatar series is picking up again at Christmas 2020; but I wonder if you know about the Dark Horse graphic novel being issued in five parts at this time. Normally I'm not a huge fan of comics; the art is kind of "on again, off again," and if it isn't what I was expecting, the whole thing tends to fall apart. But this is great, well worth a look, if you can track it down:

The best art, obviously, is on the cover. Duh. Those are full-on paintings, over which the artist(s) would have labored for hours, possibly a day or more on a single image. Usually, the cover of a comic will be startling and then the interior art ... leaves one somewhat underwhelmed, but this continues good throughout:

As I said, well worth a look ... bit expensive, but then again, everything is expensive these days, so -- what the hey? It's only money.

Speaking of money, I put some hard numbers to the computer rebuild. With even the slightest bit of luck, we're "on" for next week!!! The hard drive should be under $100, and the new USB Front Hub, about half of that. Plus a wifi adapter, the cloning of the original hard drive, update (from disks) of Win 7 to the absolute most up to date version ... after this, it should fly. 😎

Finishing off the "fall colors in the forest" images I promised ... again, they're wallpaper sized, and they do look terrific as wallpapers. Help yourself:

We were so lucky with the weather, the day ... everything. Winter is right around the corner -- as I write this, I'm thinking how cold it is! Need to get the heating on. And dinner. Yes.

So with autumn on my mind I'll leave you with this for today:

More soon!
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