Thursday, May 9, 2019

End of a heroic quest ... and a walk around the tavern, as promised

I love doing images like this, because they tell a story: a whole saga leaps into your mind';s eye ... you know you're seeing the culmination of something that was enormous. Ooooh, what happened?! If only there were 48 hours in every day, I'd write these stories! Now --

Supposing this guy's quest, which just finished (with a glowing crystal something, and an ancient battle ax ...) began right here:

That's the outside of Merlin's Tavern, the standing set, with a Bryce sky/landscape and just one distant light to get this effect, plus a little bit of gamma ans contrast adjustment (in Irfanview, for quickness). It's a fantastic set: around there back is a publican's yard, stables, the works! And then, inside ...

Well, I drove the camera around and framed a dozen shots on both floors; these are the best views, I think:

...complete with "nice little Hobbit-sized bedrooms" upstairs! It really is an inspiration. Makes your imagination light up as you picture scenes here, like yesterday's Amadeus shot. He's sitting just to the right of the fireplace to the left of the bar. Neat!

Anyway, that's it for me, for today. It's late and I must beard the dentist in his den tomorrow, so I'm going to get some sleep and keep fingers crossed that he doesn't grab all of my money in the coming months. If I have the cash, the computer rebuild comes next!
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