Wednesday, May 8, 2019

A tavern, a temple, a spacecraft on approach to an earth-like world...

Again, a grab-bag ... I've been all over the spectrum in images in the last couple of days, and these are the best. Yes, the vampire Amadeus -- and yes, a new set. In fact, you have seen it before, but not in something like eight years! It's the Merlin's Tarven set ... and it's enormous. It's one of those that's detailed inside and outside, and tomorrow I'm going to drive the camera around inside it, and get some shots of the bar, the fireplace, all sorts of fascinating nooks and crannies. It's an amazing set. And Amadeus is lovely, as always. I'll be coming back to him, and he'll meet some of the other characters you've seen in the last six months.


This makes a gorgeous wallpaper, and it's uploaded at fill size. Help yourself ... you're welcome! This was done in Bryce 7 Pro and Photoshop: dawn breaking over a misty valley and a temple. It's a second visit to an old shot I designed a long, long time ago. This one is better. I jiggled the sun in Bryce till it's juuuust sitting on the skyline there. The sunrays were added in Photoshop (a brush et called Ron's Bokeh Lights. Photoshop brushes are indispensable when you start digitally painting. If not for brushes like these, it'd take hours to do what you can do in seconds. Seriously).

And for good measure, also in Bryce --

This is a blend of two renders in Bryce 7 Pro, with compositing done in Photoshop before I shipped the image out to Krita to paint the starfields. Now --

If all these images belonged to the same story! This is where your imagination runs amok, spinning tales based on a set of images that at first seemed unconnected. Then something clicks, and suddenly a plot is unfolding in your head. I've been playing this game for years.

More soon, hopefully tomorrow. I'll be in the dentist's chair on Friday (ugh), so probably won't be doing anything much after I get through that. It's my least favorite experience and it tends to knock me right off stride for a while. Wish me luck.

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